God Provides

Since The Equality Project became a reality, the goals that have been set have been addressed and blessed, and the provision from the Lord has set us on the way to completing our visions for this organization and community.


Phase 1:  Building a Board of Directors has been an ongoing goal that we have been triumphantly working towards since our establishment.


Phase 2:  The dream of operating from a clubhouse is one that has been fulfilled. We are in a permanent location overflowing with potential and opportunity for great things. It is a place where the excess is stored and our volunteers come to meet the needs of the people. A place where those seeking help, encouragement and prayer can come and be welcomed with open arms.

Our goal is to be here to meet needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Phase 3:  Our vision to become a Registered Charity  has became a reality on November 1, 2020!


Phase 4:  We have a goal to develop and maintain a Community Garden on our property, a place where those who want to grow their own food can have a place to do so. 


Phase 5:  Another vision is to provide shelter. Homelessness isn't just a big city problem. We have struggling individuals and families that live in cardboard boxes, under bridges, in stairwells, and in broken-down vehicles in all seasons of the year. It is imperative to get shelter in place for these people in our community.