Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Employment and Training Association together with Canada's "Reaching Home Canada's Homelessness Partnering Strategy" has enabled us to include housing solutions and supports in order to stabilize the lives of homeless or at-risk individuals who are becoming homeless, and assist them move toward self-sufficiency.

TECK/Highland Valley Copper


Thank you yet again TECK/HVC

for your significant donation this year to our Essentials and Outreach programs!

Many people struggle financially and they go without basics. Since 2020 TECK/Highland Valley Copper and their employees have supported those in need by financially supporting our essentials room.  Those in financial difficulty can come in and get food and personal hygiene supplies they would normally go without. In 2022 they had expanded our program to add a fridge and freezer so now we can offer fresh and frozen food!


Thank you for supporting us in our time of need!  Our refrigeration was having a hard time keeping food at Foodsafe temperatures but with the two new commercial freezers and the commercial refrigerator we no longer have that problem.  And with the commercial dishwasher we are able to feed the most vulnerable in our community and keep them safe.

Second Time Around

Photo credit Marilyn Anderson

"Second Time Around is a volunteer-run thrift store that sells items donated by the community and gives back the profits to the community. Located in Ashcroft, it is is a registered non-profit second-hand store that uses the profits from sales to fill grant applications presented by groups within the local area".
This organization has been very supportive over the years. This year Second Time Around raised $5,000 for The Equality Project to go toward flood relief!
We are very thankful for these grants which help keep our doors open and food on the tables. Read more at the link below!


Year after year the wonderful staff & employees at Koppers support the Equality Project. At Christmas they arrive with an amazing load of items for our Christmas take-home bags, as well as cash to purchase the items we need. They also did a book drive for our library and made sure that we have firewood on hand for those people who needed this source of heat. Thank you for your support, Koppers!



This local farm supplies most of our bread needs during the growing season.  They are very supportive and at year-end they donate their excess!

Semlin Valley Ranch



Thank you so much Semlin Valley Ranch

for your donation of hamburger and chicken meat!


TNRD provided us with support of our recovery from the Cache Creek flooding. Thank you!


We are so grateful to Kamloops Foodbank who generously share some of their excess with us!  It helps us continue to provide healthy, nutritious meals to those in need in our area. 

New Gold's New Afton Mine in conjunction with Interior Plumbing and Heating made our hot water problems disappear! Our small hot water tank could not keep up with demand and our volunteers were having to boil water on the stove... we now have a new hot water on-demand system. Not only that, but our new kitchen equipment was being damaged by the hard water deposits so they also installed a water softener!! Thank you for supporting the Equality Project!


A huge thank-you to Acres Enterprises and New Gold/New Afton Mine for replacing 2 exterior doors.  They replaced the receiving doors in our building which were in bad shape!  It is now much safer for our volunteers and people that drop off their donations.

This organization is sponsored by Unions. The Unions helps buy either peanut butter or tuna to supplement people who can not afford enough protein and their health suffers because of it. 


If you are a Union worker... please support this project! It means so much to so many people in need. Thanks!


COVID-19 Emergency Community Support Fund

This funding has helped us keep our doors open during the pandemic!  It pays our wonderful employee James.  We greets each member as they enter our clubhouse and ensures that they are not sick and are signed in.  He spends his day disinfecting so we our members have reassurance that everything possible is being done to prevent the spread of the virus.

COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund

With this funding we were able to add a hot serving table with plexiglass, a commercial glass door freezer and refrigerator! These upgrades help us serve the most vulnerable in our communities while helping stop the spread of the Covid virus. 


We are truly grateful!



Your generosity through out the year is amazing!  We are grateful for the "Day of Difference" funding which helped those in need have a very special Christmas and the warm items you donated were very much needed and appreciated by the recipients.


The computers that you donated help keep our members up-to-date with family, jobs, funding, etc.  In this day in-age, we can't do without technology and you have provided the low income with just that!






Your support goes a long way.


With your generous funding and continued support you have transformed our clubhouse.  We were able to keep our doors open when Covid first locked us down, by supplying food, take-out containers, basic essentials and paying some of our bills!  It's organizations like yours that really make a difference! Thank you!