Save those tabs! 


We collect the tabs off aluminum cans to raise funds!

The collection container is near the front door at the Clubhouse.


Please drop off your aluminum tabs during our Open hours.

Thank you!

Volunteer Opportunities

The Equality Project relies every day on the help of volunteers and the giving of time and resources. Find out how you can help.

Food Preparation

Our kitchen would not serve the needs of others if it weren't for our volunteers bringing their skills to The Equality Project to put food in hungry stomachs! They cook tasty meals using their own recipes and techniques. We are always thankful for their cooking, expertise and willingness to be part of our dedicated team.

Essentials Room Help

Our Essentials Room is located in the lower level of the Clubhouse. This is where people come for the items and supplies they may need. Our friendly volunteers greet our members as they come to receive, as well as those people in the community who come to donate. If you like meeting people and like to fold and organize, this is your happy place!

Hands On

Bring your plumbing, electricity, carpentry or handyman skills to The Equality Project! Your competence and your abilities can always be of use to us in this donated building that we occupy.


We rely on the kindness and generosity of others to keep it all working properly and we are so grateful for any and all help in every area of The Equality Project. 


Some of our members depend on wood to heat their home and are either unable or do not have the means to cut wood. 


The Equality Project is looking for trees and limbs three inches or bigger and/or untreated used or old lumber that can be burned for firewood.


If you can help with our mission of supplying firewood to those in need, we would be very thankful to hear from you.

Do What You Can!

Any services you can give are welcome. You can donate driving time, donation pick-ups, heavy lifting, handyman  work around the clubhouse, or a listening ear.


If you are willing to give it we would love to use it.

Be sure to connect with us!


Our Volunteers

Our volunteers willingly donate their time to make the The Equality Project and the community a better place. Without their help and dedication, it would be a very different place indeed.

Contact us or come to The Equality Project if you would like to join our team!