Everybody that walks  through the Clubhouse doors is equal, so everybody is able to have a membership that gives them access to all the amazing resources we offer. Even the volunteers are asked to have a membership.


A membership entitles the member to come into the Clubhouse and have a light breakfast or just coffee and conversation with others.  They can enjoy a nutritious lunch, pick up any essential items we have to offer, use the computer or telephone, find support, and if needed they can leave with a frozen meal for another time.


Membership is a low monthly fee of ten dollars ($10). 

But some people cannot even manage to pay that amount, so we encourage others to sponsor a membership for them. This makes a world of difference to the member! 


To purchase memberships for others, please contact us!


Tired of giving gifts that don't matter much?


Give the gift that provides a healthy meal, warm clothes, a place to feel welcome, find hope, and hear the Good News 


Buy an annual membership or monthly memberships for someone in need.